A night in with your girlfriends learning my most coveted tips, tricks and techniques to inspire your own make-up and teach you how to achieve your most desired make-up look.


The at home masterclass lasts around 2-3 hours and can focus on two chosen looks/techniques with two attendees as models.


These looks can be anything you wish to learn about, popular choices are:


  • Contouring and highlighting

  • Everyday make-up

  • Evening make-up

  • Perfect brows

  • Smoky eyes

  • Winged eyeliner and more...


The masterclasses are a chance for all questions to be answered and all make-up secrets to be revealed. I always come equipped with my ever expanding make-up artist kit filled with products to suit everyone.


Areas normally covered are:

  • Skincare and skin prep

  • Basic foundation tips

  • Eye make-up advice

  • One-to-one recommendations based on skin type and tone for anything from lipstick to blush


4-6 people 

£40 per head

7-9 people

£35 per head

10-12 people 

£30 per head

For more information and to book your

at-home masterclass, contact me at

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